Monarflex Geo membranes

Monarflex Geo membranes

Geo-membranes are usually used in civil engineering where you either want to separate different layers of material or where you want to avoid fluids like water and chemicals to undermine the structure of the civil work.

Geo-membranes are used:

  • As separation for the build-up of roads, bridges, tunnels and railways
  • Protection of the ground water from percolation from landfills
  • Environmental protection from chemicals from petrol stations and chemical industries
  • Sealing of fertilizer tanks
  • Sealing of water reservoirs, ornamental lakes, waste water lakes and rain water lagoons


Before installing, the base must be well levelled and compacted to. The excavation must appear free from stones and foreign objects that might puncture the membrane. If the virgin soil does not meet necessary requirements, it must be blinded with 5 to 10 cm of fine gravel or a protective geo-textile.

In case of traffic on the membrane, a protective layer of minimum 30 cm gravel must be covering the membrane. The laying of protective gravel can be placed with a front loader. This material must be unrolled and not dozed as the latter may cause tension in the membrane.

Installation of geo-membranes should always be done by professionals. For further details, please contact Monarflex sro.

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There are different welding techniques to choose from in terms of welding geo-membranes ex:

  • Handheld hot air
  • Twinny air channel welding
  • Munsch extrusion welding
  • Monarflex extrusion welding

Monarflex a/s recommends our own developed extrusion welding. For more details on equipment, please contact us.

Monarflex product range

The Monarflex product range consist of 7 high performance products:

  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 500
  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 750
  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 1000
  • MONARFLEX® Gridline 500
  • MONARFLEX® Gridline 750

Choice of product depends on performance abilities like required tensile strength and puncture resistance. The 6 products compared to performance can be classified as follows:

Low Performance Medium Performance High Performance
  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 500
  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 750
  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 1000
  • MONARFLEX® Gridline 500
  • MONARFLEX® Blackline 1000
  • MONARFLEX® Gridline 750


All products are made of multi layer low density polyethylene (LDPE) preventing stones from carving the membrane.

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For Geo-membranes Monarflex offers a wide range of accessories to ensure a completely tight and sealant system. Further information can be found under accessories.

The advantages of using LDPE material

There are many advantages in using low density polyethylene (LDPE) over HDPE products:

  • Easy to work with at low temperatures
  • Flexible material to work with
  • Resistant to stress cracking
  • Limited notch effect
  • Easy to install
  • Better elongation properties

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