Monarflex sales channels

Monarflex sales channels

At Monarflex we are preoccupied by ensuring a swift and efficient service of our customers. There must be a good flow between our production facility, customers’ warehouses and ultimately construction or application sites.

We cherish very dearly the relationship we have built up with our professional and competent sales and distribution network. We have worked loyally with our partners for many years and intend to remain a conscientious and reliable supplier in the years ahead.

The most efficient distribution network that suits a particular country can vary from country to country. In some countries we serve the market solely through an Icopal sales office. In other countries we depend only on external distributors. There are in fact also countries where we avail of both sales channels in parallel. In such countries we divide our product range so that each range is handled by the most efficient sales channel.

Due to the variation in our sales channels from market to market you may find that it is not all Monarflex products that are sold in all markets. In order for you to find which product we sell in each market, please look under the specific product category you are interested in. If you are in doubt, please contact us in Monarflex Sales and Marketing department.

 At Monarflex we are “Setting the Standard”

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